From Winter to Spring.

I’ve been thinking a lot about seasons recently. Both the literal and figurative kind.

No matter how brutal the winter may be one year, everyone knows that spring is going to come afterward.

That is a fact. Spring always comes after winter.

Life always blooms again, even after snow and ice have covered everything green and good and colorful in this world ten times over and made everything look like a scarred barren wasteland, it always melts and it always heals and turns into something new.


I have been in my own wintery, cold, and stormy season for perhaps the past entire year or so of my life.

Messy, chaotic, overwhelming in a bad way, feeling like a resident of the struggle bus, and overall just plain difficult…

….but Jesus…

Despite how brutal my own winter season has been as of late, Jesus has been and still is turning my winter into spring, and will finish the good work he started in me.

He has been the only constant and consistent presence in the midst of my chaos.

Even if I still feel like literally the messiest person on the planet right now,

Even if I feel like I’ll be stuck in this season forever,

Even if I don’t see how Jesus has changed things,

that doesn’t change the fact that he HAS.

Jesus tenderly and gently reminded me that he has felt what I have felt and then some, gone what I have gone through and so much more than I ever possibly could

– and yet he was without sin.
Tempted and tried in every way I have, and yet was without sin

On top of that, he chose to find me and you in the midst of our mess, chose to be humiliated, brutalized, victimized, subjected to abuse, and allowed himself to ultimately be murdered because he didn’t want the sin in our lives causing us to be hostile towards life anymore.

That is also a fact.

Jesus died. But the tomb is empty. He is risen.

And therefore, He is someone I can trust to help me get through the storms of life.

God designed the earth so that it was impossible for it to stay in a season that was hostile towards life forever. He designed it to be revived, to experience new life, new growth, newness, after the old things had died.

New life.

I have had things in my life weighing me down and making it harder to grow closer to God, and I’ve realized that the desire to grow closer to Him, become more like Him, ultimately means having to experience the refining fire of his love. To be made new and pure, sometimes you gotta let God go digging with a garden tool to get all the weeds that have grown in of your garden of a soul. You gotta let God grab them, thorns and all, and rip them out.

Having weeds getting ripped out of your life is not fun. You have to recognize that they’re there first, and then the healing process can begin. Healing can’t happen without a hurt having happened first, and once the hurt is recognized, then the next step is accepting that it happened and asking God to take over.

In the case of the depression and anxiety I personally struggled against for years, I needed to know what it was I was being healed from so I could see just how absolutely amazing and faithful He is to me. I needed to identify the roots of my weeds.

And I finally did about a month ago.
It wasn’t fun, but it was good.
And God is GOOD.

Through Jesus’ death, my sin died with him, and through his resurrection, he resurrected me to new life, even though I may not feel it all the time, he has done it.

He has pulled out the weeds that were entangling my heart, roots and thorns and all.

It is finished.

New life is coming up.

Spring has sprung indeed.


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